Australian ISPs start collecting your data legally – Stay secure with a VPN

May 18, 2017 Posted in Privacy News by No Comments

Nearly two years ago, the Australian government approved an incredibly controversial law that officially permits telecommunication firms and Internet service providers (ISPs) to collect metadata about the communication activities of their customers. It essentially covered all type of online data, and it has severe implications for the privacy of all online citizens. Critics have constantly stated that this data will be used against web customers, and most polls have found that nearly half the citizens disagree with the law.

What does the law do exactly?

ISPs and web browsers can easily track your digital footprint. The law ostensibly states that the web browsing behaviour of customers will not be tracked but rather ISPs will be legally obligated to record every single IP address allocated to every home. It does not totally strip away privacy but it makes a huge dent. The government can essentially force the ISP to track and provide details about your personal browsing history but only if they procure a warrant from a court.

Critics content that it is the first step to developing a mass surveillance state as the government essentially seeks to filter out and keep tabs on those visit ‘suspicious websites.’ In this arrangement, ISPs have a great deal of power. A digital browser footprint allows the government and ISPs to efficiently track where you have been online. Ultimately, while the law’s provisions seem secure enough, there is no tremendous scope for easy abuse in the name of flimsy reasons.

Get a VPN asap!

A virtual private network (VPN) is one of the best ways of protecting the privacy and integrity of your business and personal communications on the Internet. You can mask the details of your doings on the web from your ISP, and a secure VPN essentially hides the IP address of your computer. However, it is difficult to find a VPN that actually bolsters your security rather than not making much of a difference at all.

VPN users need to trust the VPN company and ensure that the VPN being used is perfect for their needs. As not all VPNs are built the same, it is imperative to conduct in-depth research before choosing a service provider. You can also develop your own VPN server if you possess the technical expertise as you can customize it to ensure that your information stays hidden from the government at all times.

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