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BYOD Work Culture Necessitates the Need for A VPN

July 5, 2017 Posted in VPN Education by No Comments

Allowing your employees to be mobile is not the same as permitting a BYOD or bring-your-own-device. While there is no debate on the need for the organizations to become mobile, the problem lies in the fact that the term mobilization has almost become synonymous with the BYOD. But, in reality, bring-your-own-device is only one of the techniques through which businesses can go for mobilization. Moreover, it is important to note in this context that it may not be the most economical or secure way to accomplish this.

Challenges in BYOD

When you enable BYOD, your workers are supposed to purchase their own gadgets and also procure the other associated equipment that is a necessity for their mobility. Initially, the Return on Investment may appear to be quite high since there is a very little investment to be made in the beginning. However, the real problem pops in when businesses try to imbibe BYOD without assessing the possible risks and the associated expenses. After all, BYOD needs a great deal of cross-departmental costs to make sure that everybody associated with the administration is in proper sync.

Many companies today have a sales force that is highly mobile in nature. The sales head would also be on board in such a scenario. Moreover, proper protocols and rules should be laid down as well as implemented so that employees can be educated on how to use their hybrid professional or personal devices, which they will have to carry all the times. To ensure that these protocols are coordinated and implemented, every department should give some time that could be used somewhere else.

BYOD and security

When enterprises are trying to implement a BYOD culture, security can be a major concern.  Companies require safeguarding their assets and data from those employees who may expose valuable company data to outsiders and insecure networks.

Since the employees may possess ever all mobile devices today, it is possible for him or her to access the corporate network from all those gadgets. Hence, protocol development for the BYPD is quite complicated.

When security is a priority for an organization, it is an absolute necessity to install the VPN software. However, a company needs to locate a VPN, which is capable of functioning on a variety of operating systems and a host of devices. Thereafter, on the basis of the kind of software chosen, the software needs to be installed on all the devices that any employee wants to use ranging from his or her home PC to an iPhone.

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