Facebook Passwords Leaked: How Safe Are You on the Internet? (Stay Safe with A VPN At All Times)

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Today, the incidents related to cyber crime are growing at an alarming rate. Nowadays, many employees need to work even while they are traveling. They often rely on free Wi-Fi, thus making them vulnerable in becoming a target of cyber crime. Moreover, the popularity of social media platforms has also given rise to the risk of a password being leaked say on Facebook or Instagram. While it is important for a business to be in a sound financial position, it is equally important to protect its privacy and data online. To combat the growing threat of cyber crime, vendors have come up with a host of tools to keep a business secure. A VPN or a Virtual Private Network is one of those tools that offer various other merits apart from keeping a business internet secure.

Defining VPN

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network can be defined as a sophisticated network technology, which enables the creation of a secure connection both in a private network or a public network like Internet. You need to establish a connection to the remote server with a password and a unique user ID to access this private network. After getting connected to a Virtual a Private Network, you need to start a client for the VPN on your personal computer. Alternatively, you can also click on a link present on a specific website. Thereafter, you should login by providing your credentials. Once this is done there will be an exchange of trusted keys between your computer and a remote server. After the completion of identity verification for both the computers, your communication over the net will be encrypted so that it is secure from unauthorized access. Though the process may appear complicated, in reality, it is extremely simple to use while keeping you safe.

Why should a VPN be used?

To keep your online tasks secure

When you establish connection through  a public Wi-Fi  to do activities like Internet banking or for online shopping, you are exposed to a threat from harmful software or hackers.

To view banned sites

There are several countries where certain websites have been banned. For instance, China has banned the Facebook site. But when your device is  a part of a Virtual Public Network, you can access banned sites like this. For instance, it is possible for you to get connected to a VPN from many nations. Thus, if you are in China, you can connect to a Virtual Private Network via Canada and can then access Facebook.

Access those streaming services, which are restricted locally

Even the streaming services that have been locally restricted can be accessed, giving you a feel as if you are still in your homeland.  It is also possible to access live streaming via a VPN from other nations.

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