Industrial Internet-of-Things Most Vulnerable to Attacks

March 24, 2017 Posted in VPN Education by No Comments

There has been an evident rise in the adoption of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in all organizations of late. An advent in the deployment of IIoT will definitely translate to a new vexation on the already frail internet security.

IIoT is defined as all the important devices which are a part of sensitive infrastructure like energy, government, finance, utilities and healthcare. If IoT is the solution for individuals, think of IIoT as the same for large, more critical organizations. IoT has seen a shocking rise in the number of cyber-attacks in recent time given its prevalence. Next favorite target will soon be IIoT. A study conducted by a compliance and security specialist Tripwire, concluded that of the total 400 IT security professionals consulted, 96 percent agree that the number of attacks on IIoT will increase.

Half of the participating IT professionals also feel that they lack the necessary security measures to stand up against an IIoT attack. Professionals who work closely with the industry acknowledge the security vulnerabilities of IIoT.  According to them, there are only two ways that a situation like this can play out: either there is a boost in preparation against it or face it defenseless. At the same time IIoT, filled with all insecurities, cannot be culled because it increases the value of an organization.

There is 3rd Option: Switch to VPN

You needn’t be underprepared or defenseless but outside the radar of an IIoT attack by switching to a VPN. A hacker will only target a network after identifying it. What if there exists a solution which hides such networks in plain sight? This is not a concept of sci-fi thrillers but a reality offered by VPNs. VPN or virtual private networks encrypt all the data deployed through this channel as gibberish. If it were to be intercepted, the hacker will be clueless on the meaning of the information acquired. When there is no comprehension of the value or the message relayed, such information is of no value. Thus, a VPN offers the best form of cyber- security against all forms of threats. VPN can keep IIoT safe. Not convinced? Think of VPN as a one way mirror (a lot of data is sent in one direction and very little in the other, like surveillance cameras). Hackers will target industrial IoT only if they know these are IoT devices

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