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Hide My Ass Review

Welcome to our Hide My Ass review, where we take a look at one of the top offerings in the VPN arena.

A VPN is a service that improves internet security and allows you to bypass censorship other Internet restrictions, by creating an encrypted connection between your computer and the VPN server. Read here ( for more information on what a VPN is and what it can do for you.

Hide your ass on Aussie Servers

Hide My Ass ReviewHide My Ass has more than 900 servers in 190 countries, including Australia, making it a good option for the world-traveller who liked to keep his connections close, the Aussie who likes to keep his server close and his pings low, and those who want to spoof the Internet into thinking they’re somewhere they’re not.

Hide My Ass Pricing

Hide My Ass is a bit on the pricey side, offering only two simultaneous connections, and not to the same server at the same time, for a hefty US11.52/month. It does drop a bit for longer terms, and you can choose a US$99.96 bill every six months, or US$78.6 a year. They accept PayPal and a variety of other payment forms, but not Bitcoin. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee and loyalty rewards for getting your friends to sign up, so if that’s the kind of thing you’re into, you’ll like this service. Please remember that your bill may vary due to changes in the exchange rate.

1 Month

$11.52per month
$11.52per month
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12 Months

$6.56per month
$6.56per month
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6 Months

$8.33per month
$8.33per month
  • Half-ass
  • Hide your ass for half the year

Speed and Data Retention

During Hide My Ass review testing, the service performed solidly in the middle of the road in terms of their effect on upload and download speeds and latency – that is to say, Hide My Ass had less of an effect on those factors than many other services, but more than certain others as well.

Hide My Ass creates a log including your data usage per session, your IP address, the IP address of the Hide My Ass server you connected to, and time stamps. This data is used, according to their logging statement, to monitor the use of the network for technical purposes, prevent and detect fraud, and to prevent and detect network abuse. For the record, this includes file sharing “and other illicit activity”. If you were hoping to become King of the Torrents while working through a VPN, move right along there, because Hide My Ass is not your friend on this subject. They keep the logs for two to three months, after which they are (probably) destroyed. This is the longest retention period of any of the VPNs we’ve reviewed – in fact, most of the VPNs we have reviewed don’t keep any logs at all, so this is a considerable black mark in Hide My Ass’s report book.

Software and Features

Hide My Ass offers a wide variety of apps for almost every OS imaginable, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, certain games consoles, and even Internet-enabled televisions. If you ever felt the need to hide the Internet traffic from your telly, this may be the service for you. However, their Windows application has been described as “having all the charm of a settings menu” which really doesn’t say much good about it. Possibly they should invest in a UI designer.

Some of Hide My Ass’s features include:

  • Really brilliant name. We mean that sincerely. Their mascot is also funny.
  • Kill Switch. Their applications will cut applications you select off from the Internet if you lose your connection to the VPN, making sure that you’re never online without protection.
  • Very easy to set up. Download, install, set location and go. There’s not much more to using Hide My Ass’s service than that.
  • One-click IP change. Does what it says on the tin. There’s also a setting that makes the application change your IP address at pre-set intervals.
  • Truly enormous number of servers. Scattered right across the world, their vast number of servers mean that you’re never far from a server.

Hide My Ass Review Summary

In the end, our Hide My Ass review concludes that Hide My Ass has a really great name, offers a brilliant service, but may, in fact, not be worth its hefty price tag, especially not to users who are fanatical about protecting their privacy. It’s a little bit ironic that they offer services only truly useful to the super-paranoid (honestly, nobody else is going to put up with being disconnected every 20 minutes to change their IP) while having a privacy and logging policy that will inevitably send those same users running for the hills.

We hope that you enjoyed our Hide My Ass review. Comments, questions, concerns? Leave your comment below.

Hide My Ass Review Summary
Hide My Ass

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Really, we’ve just got to say a big MEH when it comes to Hide My Ass. Sure, they provide a great service but their high price and their data retention policy really kind of defeats the purpose of using a VPN for anonymity. Unless you can’t go past the delightful name and mascot, we recommend looking elsewhere.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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