IT Security Focuses on Detection and Response

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Security trends change every year. Trending in 2017, in cyber security is breaking off from the mind set of preventive approaches and investing instead on detection and response. Money invested into this approach is projected to hit $90 billion by the year end which is almost an increase by 7.6% from the previous year. All security buyers till 2020, will prioritize the ability of improving the science of detection and response to threat.

All platforms from Endpoint protection platform (EPP), application security, firewalls and intrusion prevention systems are lined up for major tweaking (think of it as building stronger and more durable applications) to offer intelligent reporting, analytics and security operations platforms.

The shift in approach does not herald a diversion of the mind-set which stresses on prevention, rather learning from all the incidents in the recent past, preventive measures fall short in bolstering a company from cyber-attack take-down. Another reason for a shift in approach is fueled by the growing dearth of cyber security experts. Kaspersky, released a report which identified that financial institution spend thrice as more as normal companies on IT security. Changing dynamics of banking demands a safer channel for cash related transactions.

An Easy Alternative

There is no fear of being attacked when cocooned by an indestructible barrier. In real life, what is this barrier you may ask: simple, VPN! Fear of being victimized by cybercrime is moot when there is no possibility of being a target. What VPN does is connect to a nearest server and change the physical IP address. Apart from offering data protection, VPN also blocks phising ads and keeps data thieves at bay. VPN is a virtualized extension of a private network embedded in a public network. Users can received and send data across any non-secure network like they would on a private network. Benefits offered by VPN are management, functionality, and security of a private network.

IT departments which need to access the mother network from a remote location can do so without the fear of being compromised while on a VPN. This is because, the data transferred through these channels are all encrypted. VPN offers the best connectivity because it is based on establishing a point-to-point virtual connection. You are therefore bestowed with a connection which is reliable and as safe as it can get.

Make the switch and stop worrying about a breach!

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