Security Predictions for 2017

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Hackers, take a bow- they stole the show in 2016 with the widespread attack which brought giants like Dropbox and Yahoo down to their knees. If you’re hoping for a miraculous turn of event, stop praying- global cyber experts say that 2017 is the year of technology disruption and data breaches- is there a rock bottom in sight?

One good which came out of the cyber-attack rampage from the year gone by is that internet security is no more just a phrase but an international priority.

In the technology front, there are artificial intelligence, drones, autonomous cars, robots, smart infrastructure and the list of Internet of Things (IoT) goes on. In the wake of such overwhelming entries, how is one to maintain or prepare for the next generation of cyber-attacks?

Here are predictions from the various security leaders:

  1. Symantec: The predictions offered by Symantec is in three avenues
    • The dynamics of cloud generation will define all future enterprises
      • The network will extend till it becomes blur
      • Cloud will be attacked by Ransomware
      • If AI needs to learn, a more sophisticated system must be incorporated.
    • IoT enters enterprise business.
      • As IoT penetration increases, DDoS attacks will rise.
      • Cloud Generation will proliferate.
    • Cybercrimes will come to the forefront.
      • Drone can be used for explosive or espionage attacks.
      • Increase in the number of fileless malware.
      • More phishing site which will exploit HTTPS caused by SSL abuse.
      • Funding of anti-social elements through online theft.


  1. McAfee: McAfee has a list of 14 predictions, of which the following are highly significant:
  • Breaking and entering becomes simple thanks to IoT
  • Loss of trust caused by the misuse of fake ads and bought ‘likes’
  • Privacy issues will be exposed
  • Dronejacking to become a reality
  • Ransomware to remain an issue till mid 2017
  1. Kaspersky: Predicts the rise of commodification of financial attacks
  2. outlandish predictions that have a high chance of coming true
  1. ‘Rubber Ducky Botnet Army’ to attack DDoS networks. In fact, the DDoS attack prediction was one of the boldest for 2016 which did come true.
  2. Internet sick day caused by a brilliantly malicious DNS attack which could lead to a shut down for 24 hours.
  3. The worm makes a return keeping IoT as the key target. There will also be a rise in the Wi-Fi worm.
  4. Container software like Docker is not powerful enough to protect you

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