Top 5 Myths about VPNs

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Top 5 VPN Myths

A VPN or Virtual Private Network technology is one that establishes a connection between a remote server and a computer system. The uses of VPN might vary but the ultimate objective remains the same- to offer network connection security and protect data. Here are top 5 myths about VPN debunked:

Myth #1: You don’t require VPN when you aren’t undertaking any illegal online activity

A lot of people believe that you only require VPN if there is a question mark on the legal status of your online business. Example of such an activity includes viewing geographically-restricted video content which is not otherwise available in your country/region. Even though a VPM could be helpful in such cases, this isn’t exactly the primary reason why it is used.

Myth#2: Every VPN protocol is alike

PPTP (Point-to-Pint Tunneling Protocol) is definitely immune to some attacks. However, this does not necessarily imply that it is the ideal protocol option in every situation. Data is encapsulated twice by IPSec encryption which might make it a little less efficient, but definitely more secure as compared to SSL-based methods.

Myth#3: VPNs could slowdown your internet connection

Another very popular myth associated with VPNs is that it they have the potential of slowing down the speed of your internet connection (owing to the in-between twister server connection). The fact is that the VPN speed is dependent on the internet speed of your computer connection. This implies that it is impossible for the VPN to perform better than the speed of your internet. The server location also plays an important role when it comes to the speed of your internet connection.

Myth#4: Free VPN are sufficient for us

Here is a simple truth: free VPNs might be available free of cost but have speed and other restrictions related to monthly usage. For those who wish to use VPNs on a regular basis might be better off by paying for premium servers so that they can get maximum performance benefits.

Myth#5: A VPN offers protection from threats online

Even if you’re wearing the best quality wool on your body, there is no guarantee that you won’t catch hypothermia in the freezing weather. Similarly, even if you have a secured encrypted connection; it does not imply that you cannot be affected by online malware, scams and phishing attacks.

The secured connection will help avoid bypassing communication over network. However, it is not the same as anti-virus software.

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