What is a VPN Router? Do you need one?

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A VPN router is basically a routing device which allows you to connect a range of VPN end devices to facilitate communication. These devices are present in different locations. To use a VPN router, you need to register with a VPN service. The cost for registration varies depending on the server.
VPN technology was first developed to enable remote employees to get securely connected to their corporate networks. This would help them get access to corporate resources even if they weren’t present in the office. Even though, VPN routers continue to be utilized for this purpose, this term has come to be associated with commercial VPN services which permit customers to use the internet privately via their servers.
Benefits of a VPN Router
Here are the key benefits of a VPN router:
Offers privacy since it hides your online activities from your internet service provider (ISP).
You can “geo-spoof” your existing location with a VPN router. This will help you to access those services which are otherwise denied basis your location.
You may be able to avoid censorship with the aid of a VPN router (by your ISP, government, work, school etc.)
It offers protection against hackers while accessing public WiFi hotspots.
Portable VPN routers are also available and it is possible to install and configure them anywhere. You just need an internet connection. Different users can get connected to the router through serial interfaces or wired LAN or a wireless network. One or more than one networking or routing protocols are required for the VPN router to enable communication in a VPN tunnel.
Who needs a VPN router?
Here are some the most common application areas for a VPN router:
The majority of the companies have VPN routers since they allow employees to access files, printers, applications and various other resources within the office network. And they do not have to compromise on security.
A lot of big and small businesses are dependent on VPN for sharing networked resources including servers among multiple stores and/or offices all over the world.
The concept of geo-blocking has made political dissidents and politicians to use VPN routers to bypass state-sponsored censorship.
It is also possible to set up a private VPN so that you can get access to the secure home network even when you’re away.

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