Protect Your Family From Internet Tracking With A VPN Router

July 5, 2017 Posted in VPN Education by No Comments

VPN are considered to be a necessity by mos security experts for a modern household, but after the US Congress passed a bill to allow internet service providers to sell customer data, having a VPN router may have become a necessity to protect browsing data. Most VPNs need to be switched on everytime you start a device, and you essentially require a VPN on every single device in your family to have efficient protection. Also, installing a VPN on each device is likely to be a more expensive process than installing a VPN router.

What is a VPN router?

Normally VPNs are developed for individual apps or web browsers, but a VPN router is the best way to provide protection for any network connected device in a smarthouse. Modern households have tons of devices such as Amazon Echo, Apple TV, smart printers, doorlocks, and other devices that are always connected to the Internet. These devices usually have no security appartus of their own and are therefore highly vulnerable once any of these IoT gadgets are connected to the Internet.

A VPN router will encrypt all the internet traffic on the network by default at the source and you will not need to switch on everytime you open a device. ISPs can use your fridge, printer, TV, watch, or fitness tracker to access your data even if you have a VPN on all your phones and desktops. When you block information access at the source, your ISP will be unable to log your data.

How does a VPN router help?

Every time you log into the Intenrt, your IP address will correctly indicate all of your web activity to your ISP. The ISP will be able to see exactly where the web hosting servers are sending your information, and the new law allows ISPs to sell browsing data for profit. Ostenibly, it has been marketed as a way to conduct business easily but there are very scary implications for this process. Your entire online life can essentially be sold to the highest bidder and this process has innumerable drawbacks for privacy rights.

Setting your own VPN server has become essential now and if you lack the technical expertise to do so, you should immediately hire a reliable vendor to do the same. Having a VPN router is integral to protecting the privacy of Americans today.

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