Cyber Fatigue Puts You at Risk

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Cyber fatigue is inevitable and a potential security lapse, but users can protect themselves with a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

The username/password jumble is yet to be redefined or improved. Technology has advanced from using IBM machines as big as an office room with the sole purpose of validating calculations to sleek systems with bit processing rates higher than its predecessors. The only practice which stood the test of time and came out unscathed is the unassailable demand of password for every login.

The rise of Internet fatigue syndrome

The diversification of Internet applications translates to a comparable number of login access information. There are separate logins for banking apps, dating apps, social networking sites, personal emails, professional emails, and so on. Remembering one password is hard enough, add to it the specific ones required by each, users are bound to get more reckless. According to a survey report, two of the most popular password choices are ‘PASSWORD/ Password’ and ‘123456’.

Security fatigue is now identified as a quantifiable phenomenon by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Most users stick to the same username/password combination for all their online accounts. In such cases, hacking into one account gives access to all which are connected.

Cyber fatigue is inevitable, switch to VPN for improved protection

Retail sector remains the popular target for data breaches (89%), closely followed by the automotive industry (86%) and then technology and banking (76%). The sector with the highest security enhancement adoption rates is banking and technology, given their sensitive nature. As compared to the retail sector, banking has a lot more at stake if the network is penetrated.

Bolstering security need not be an expensive affair. There are straightforward solutions to step up Internet security, make the passwords longer without comprehensible words, update firewall, educate employees on security fatigue and prevention, and lastly switch to a VPN.

VPN offers the users impenetrable defence against data exposure. These are paid services which ensure that the browsing history and data communication across the network is protected. VPNs operate by forming a secure tunnel between the destination server (gateway) and the PC. The gateway can be located anywhere at any distance, and all the information passes only through this channel. If someone were to pry into your network, they will receive information only on the server’s geographical location and not the user’s.

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