Internet controlled by just 14 people (Don’t take the risk, stay safe with a VPN)

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Though it may sound bizarre, it is a fact that the entire Internet is protected and kept secure by only seven protected keys. Moreover, only 14 people around the globe control these 7 highly-protected keys. So you can appreciate the importance of security in the networking scenario.

Why is Internet security of paramount importance?

Moreover, the vulnerability of the net can be assessed from the fact that a considerable portion of the Internet was down for some time last year when some hackers were successful to induce excessively high volume of web traffic to an organization known as Dyn. The servers of the company just could not handle this excess load and Dyn was out of action for a while. The company is one of the important providers of DNS or Domain Naming System that converts web addresses into IP addresses, which are used by the computers for identification of web pages.

Any hacker in the network or your Internet service provider can see as well as track the downloads to your IP address, which is unique. This can be a threat to your data security and you can be vulnerable while working online.

VPN-A recommended solution

Many experts vouch for the use of a VPN or a Virtual Private Network. While there is no dearth of explanations on what a VPN is, in its simplest form, these networks can create an encrypted and secure connection between your device (tablet, mobile phone, computer etc) and a remote private server. Thus, anyone is prevented from viewing or updating that web traffic. Every time you browse the net, the data travels to the server and get passed in a secure manner to you. On the other hand, when you send the data, it looks as if the server is sending it and not your PC. However, that does not mean you are being treated as an anonymous user since your traffic can be viewed by the VPN. Moreover, a regulatory body can ask for information from your VPN company.

But the beauty of using a VPN is it hides your online activities. There are several companies that offer VPN services but not all have impeccable security features and can put your online data at risk. How do you know about the VPN services that you must choose? The simplest answer is to stay away from free VPN services as they may have security flaws in them.

Some of the top uses of VPN are ensuring that your data is protected from a public Wi-Fi., connecting your remote device to the network of your company and watching films from the Netflix’s library of another country.

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