Make Small Business Cyber Security a Priority in 2017

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Small businesses think data security is provided if there is an anti-virus installed. This is true but the protection offered is limited. The nature of virus and malware attacks is graver for a business as compared to personal date phishing. Small businesses also do not find the need to invest on protection. Given the magnanimity of setting up the small business, many companies neglect IT security. Should an IT security issue surface, it will eat into the company’s profits and throw it off-balance. While a few companies can afford the re-calibration break, it could prove fatal to others. Security is crucial even when the network consists of a few lap-tops.

A hacker’s favorite target is a small business

The frequency of network hacks has exponentially increased in the last few years. One common factor observed in all the hacks was that they were directed at small businesses. For a cybercriminal, it is not the size of the enterprise that matters; it is the money and the ease of concluding the attack. Start-up’s become an easy target because most have an infantile security system which makes infiltration a child’s play.

Tips on enforcing security

It is never too late to implement cyber-security. Here are a few tips on improving security:

  • Download only known files: Security is as simple as this: do not download any suspicious file.

  • Virus protection must be updated: If you’ve come as far as investing in a small business, it is frugal to rely on free anti-virus. Upgrade the anti-virus protection on all systems.

  • Password protection: If the employee’s password is his/her name spelled backward, it’s an open invitation for a hack. Strong password is the first line of defense. Ensure that employee’s use a unique password.

  • OS upgrade: With every new upgrade, there is a security patch provided. OS must be upgraded if it has to support the latest version of all third party applications.

  • Switch to VPN: VPN ensures that all data relayed is encrypted. This is the best solution to ensure a secure network for distant or off-site communication.

  • Switch to Linux: Windows operating system is fragile owing to many factors. Linux is developed from on open source unlike Windows which is restricted to Microsoft (closed system). In terms of security, Linux is superior.

Physical security is as important as cybersecurity. A comprehensive infallible security design is the one which has equal physical and virtual walls.

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