Not Enough IT Security Professionals, Stay Safe with a VPN

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Looking at the 5 greatest challenges to the compliance of IT operations, the skill gap is an important factor. The skill gap is the result of either hiring under-qualified professionals in the IT sector or the lack of proficient experts who are seeking jobs. Those who are best suited for a job, have a career and are in no hurry to shift. Those who are employed are novices and tend be erroneous.

Professionals are made on jobs and cannot be hired

In the words on an expert in the field of cyber-security Ira Winkler, professionals are developed over time which is similar to what happens to any one in any field. When an individual is assigned a position, they receive appropriate training tailored to their skill level. Learning then begins on the job. The concept of creating skilled IT security personnel is unrealistic. The current trend of hiring is of ‘skilled’ employees. Finding an expert IT security qualified computer whiz is similar to finding a fresh architecture graduate with experience in building sky-scrapers!

It takes time to gain expertise that comes with experience. An IT tech with 5 years’ experience in cyber security is a better pick than a fresh graduate with a degree in the same. It would be a blessing to hire adept professionals but in reality an expert can be honed only when there is an appropriate identification program and skill assessment.

Switching to VPN

Virtual Private Network is a connection which enables creation of a secure environment in a public environment like the Internet. When data is relayed over a VPN, it is encrypted and passes through a secure virtual tunnel between the client and the VPN provider. VPN features include encryption, data encapsulation, tunneling protocols, and providing a secure connection. What VPN offers is similar to a LAN in an office setting but without the million wires. The earliest form of VPN was provided to employees who worked off-site. Presently there are many types of VPN:

  • Site-to-Site VPN: This connection is best suited for a corporate environment. Data is encrypted and relayed over the local LAN networks.

  • Remote Access VPN: Here a single computer is linked to a private network. There are two types of Remote Assess VPN:

    • Personal VPN

    • Corporate VPN

Regardless of the argument for and against the lack of trained cyber security personnel’s, switching to a VPN is the safest approach to ensure data integrity and security.

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